Frequently asked questions

How can I cancel my account?

You can cancel your account whenever you choose to leave the Quizana community. In your profile, click Edit profile and then Delete profile at the right bottom of the screen. But try to think again, You will be missed!

How can I add a new quiz?

It's great that you want to be creative. We appreciate that. You can create a new quiz by clicking Add Test in the top menu. Then, in the Basic Settings, enter the Name, Category, and Language of the Quiz. In the second part, fill in the Questions of your quiz and also fill in possible Answers. Be sure to check which answer is correct. You can also change the order of the questions and answers and delete them at any time. In the third part, add an Image that characterizes the topic of the test.

Why can not my quiz be published?

Check out if you have filled out all required items in the Basic Settings, whether you have filled in questions with possible answers and whether you have checked which answer is correct. The minimum number of questions is 6. It is also required to upload an image that describes the topic of the quiz. Formats .jpg and .png are allowed.

I found a mistake while I was completing one of the quizzes. Where can I report it?

The quizzes are created by members of our community. If you find an error, you can directly contact the creator of the quiz and report it. Click the profile of the author and write your message through the Questions section.

Can I win something?

You can find a Weekly Leadeboard at Quizana where you can compete. The more quizzes you try, the more points you can get and become one of the winners. We do not offer any rewards in the meantime.